My Creative Studio

Over the years I've fallen in love with different mediums of art including paint, musical notes, pixels, code, and much more. This studio website is where I get to share them all.

Artist Biography

Though there's more than one side to me, read my musical artist biography by clicking the button below (at least until I write a general one)

Music Writing / Production

Listen to the songs I've composed and performed since re-igniting my love for music as a producer turned singer / songwriter since October 2022


Sharing my music and how I create it

Songs (Audio Visualizers)

Beats (Audio Visualizers)

Production Videos

Live Music Creation


I've always been a fan of balancing shutter speed, lens implications, aperture size and the like. Here's my portfolio of photos!


Check out some of my graphic design below. Many items required a lot of work in UX and product management, which you can learn more about from my product portfolio.


Resources to help facilitate the systems and processes I developed over my career.

Artist Biography

Raised in a Canadian household where a classical guitar was never too far away, Ria Pacheco (aka RiBeets) has always had a passion for music. From a young age, she was often found rushing to her guitar instructor's lessons after school, practicing with her band in the garage, or listening to any and every genre that her eclectic family was blaring on the sound system -- from Carlos Santana to Wu-Tang Clan. However, it wasn't until Ria discovered the world of music production that she rekindled this love of making music.In October 2022, Ria took her first steps into the world of music production and opened the beat-loops floodgates with Serato and FL Studio. She immediately became addicted and even designed a template for manually recording FL Studio patterns quickly before forgetting them. After taking some time to revisit music theory fundamentals and study up on mixing / mastering techniques, Ria started to rapidly fire structured tracks learning more and more as she went.With musical influences ranging from Missy Elliott's head-bobbing melodies to Ludwig Goransson's creative soundscapes, Ria brings a unique blend of sound to her tracks; and she's far from finished exploring new techniques and musical instruments.Ria believes that a song should be an experience--a journey of emotion, imagination, and expression--a treat to listen through from beginning to end; and is eager to continue learning, growing, and producing music that can take people there.